R&D and Prototype Solutions

Innovation Solutions

Here at HCC, we solve problems. We have played a vital role in the prototype process of many new products and Research and Development projects, including OEM parts and proof-of-concept drones for major aerospace companies. We can provide custom, experimental, and replica thermoformed and fibre-reinforced plastic components for all applications. We are small enough to provide prompt and individual attention to your development project and are skilled enough to be a crucial part of your supply chain. We manufacture small-run tools to meet short timelines and modest budgets and create durable tools to move your project from concept into extended production.

Harwood Custom Composites Series 400 Twin Otter Aft Lavatory - Kit

Series 400 Twin Otter Aft Lavatory Kit via Viking Air

Case Study: HCC worked with Viking Air to modernize a design from the 1960s for a self-contained bathroom cubical for the DHC-6 Twin Otter Aircraft. We provided material specification, tooling, prototype building and then complete production manufacturing.

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value-added manufacturing

HCC works closely with clients to provide value-added manufacturing, design and engineering advisory services, including:

Product Design and Development

Materials, methods, and manufacturing expertise are employed to support and develop manufacturing programs for specific structures and components.

Engineering and Component Design

Composites materials and structure’s engineering and design services are provided for repairs as well as the design of new components.

Laser Scanning

Three-dimensional laser scanning of existing parts and conversion of files to CAD and modelling systems is provided to accelerate both design and complex repairs.


Preparation of surface and solid models are provided for product design and development, as well as regulatory reviews.

Manufacturing Cost and Feasibility Assessments

Alternative materials and methods for producing specific components are evaluated to provide accurate production costs to assist in decision-making.


Audits of existing manufacturing programs to identify opportunities to improve product reliability and quality while reducing material, labour, and process inputs.

Supply Chain Management

Procurement strategies and distribution strategies are provided to reduce input costs and improve margins on finished products.

Prototype Build, Assembly & Assessment

Working closely with the client to develop working prototypes and identifying any potential challenges along the way.


Cost-effective, quick turnaround and modifiable tooling for the purpose of prototyping development, following on with hardwearing, long-run tooling to ramp up production.

Process Development

Procurement strategies and distribution strategies are provided to reduce input costs and improve margins on finished products.